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Marion Asnes talks about the issues America faces as the Baby-Boomers move into their senior years and face retirement with economist  Lawrence Kotlikoff and anthropologist Joel Savishinsky.

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Joel S. Savishinsky (author of Breaking The Watch) is a cultural anthropologist with a strong interest in aging. He is professor of anthropology at Ithaca College.

Lawrence J. Kotlikoff (co-author of The Coming Storm) is a professor of economics at Boston University, and former chairman of the department. He has done extensive research into "generational economics, and is  president of ESPlanner, a financial planning company.


Human Resource professional Sunny Bates talks with Titus Levi and Jonathan Field about work-place attitudes facing Baby Boomers as they move close to retirement.   

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Sunny Bates is the author of How to Earn What You're Worth, and CEO of Sunny Bates Associates.                                                                                    

Joseph Quinn, economist and Dean of Art & Science at Boston College, talks with Titus Levi about aging issues in the current and future. Dr. Quinn is a scholar who specializes in labor economics, the economics of aging, and Social Security reform.                              

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