Money & Trust (four parts)
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That's Capital is looking for scholars, journalists, students, business professionals or anyone thinking deeply about the way economics impacts our lives. Free market capitalist, tax-hating libertarian, left-wing communitarian, hopeful anarchist or old fashioned liberal, we'd love to have you become part of our producing team, or maybe just host one of our many on-going conversations. Below are some specific areas we want to explore in the next year. If you have thought about any of these areas with any intensity, or have found others who do, please get in touch, wherever you  live. 

Infrastructure: What are the social molecules that come together in ways that support or derail the core structure around educational, health, and energy systems?  How do people either generate or stymie new infrastructure development?

Imagined economies: Jerusalem, Singapore, Brazilia, Hollywood.
That's Capital will be looking at a few cities where the economy grew from powerful visions of a specific collective.

Old Media/New Media: How does media impact the economies which it serves. And more specifically, how are digital media technologies effecting how economies function, from the global to local level.

Marketing: Scourge or savior? Where, where and who does marketing serve? What's the difference between concepts like "branding," traditional advertising, and the birth of a new genre of selling call "buzz?"

Science and economics: How do advances in science work to advance economies? Where do economies serve to advance scientific discovery and innovation?

Romance - Love or Money?: Through the 20th century, Hollywood has  seeded a particularly American view of romance around the world. It's myth-making power is powerful. But where the classic Hollywood film posits romance as a connection between two individuals that is profoundly personal, there are economic consequences of marriage that are played out in different ways around the world. 


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