The Economics of "Babyhood"

Money & Trust

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FOUR PARTS                                                                        

Marion Asnes and her guests explore the relationship between "real" money and emerging digital currencies.

Atefeh Riazi, Senior Partner and Chief Technology Officer of Ogilvy Worldwide
Mark C. Taylor, philosopher and scholar of religion and architecture

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Jonathan Field and Titus Levi continue the conversation with Mark C. Taylor, focusing on the evolving forms of money and how they reflect changes in everyday life.

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Guest: Bill Maurer
Jonathan Field and Titus Levi talk with UC, Irvine anthropologist Bill Maurer about curating an exhibit about alternative currencies in Southern California, his studies about the way currencies function in different communities, and his latest book, Mutual Life, Limited : Islamic Banking, Alternative Currencies, Lateral Reason.

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Part IV
Guest: Peter Koenig
Designer Nathan Felde leads a conversation with Peter Koenig. Author of 30 Lies About Money, Koenig is an organizational architecture consultant and writer based in Zurich, Switzerland. For the past 20 years, he's been leading workshops with businesses and individuals, helping them re-think attitudes towards money.

Nathan Felde, a designer and musician who once held the postion of director of the Media Lab for the NYNEX Center for Science and Technology, brought Koenig to That's Capital as someone who is leading people to "rethink money:" how it operates in our life and where it either empowers or disempowers us all.

That's Capital producers Titus Levi and Jonathan Field join the discussion, another part of our examination of the nature of money.

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