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State of the economy

Been off this space for long time. If ever a time to think economics, it's now. But just trying to keep up with my own economics (work!). Anyway, surfing randomly this sleepless early morning and found a Craigslist ad which captured the convoluted economics of life today, at least for me.

$550 small weird room with possibility of bed bugs - (bushwick morgan L)

there you have it, we caught the bugs from the neighbors, our first bite was january 15th and since then we've had the exterminator over four times and things seem to be getting better(the neighbors are exterminating as well), and the guy is going to keep coming every two weeks until it's no longer an issue, no one's been bit in a about a week, no one's ever been bit where you'd be sleeping, anyway the room is weird, it has no windows and it is like four feet wide for about 15 feet and then six feet wide for like ten feet, it's shaped like a long hallway, it has 12ft ceilings, our bathrooms are scary one of them looks like the setting of a francis bacon, our kitchen is ghetto: toaster, microwave, fridge, electric burner, coffee pot, and slop sink in the hallway, the whole space is raw and kinda like living on a construction site, we have five good guys and a good dog living here, all artist/handy types that get along fine, the space is 3,000 sq ft huge with 12ft ceilings, we have an outside area to hang and bbq, we have a projector to watch movies, and we have wireless, everybody is making stuff all the time, and we have a lot of tools and hot heat, room available asap, please have a job or school or a girlfriend or something so you are not always around, send us a note about yourself if you'd like to check it out, don't waste my time

Yes indeedy!  Is that honesty or just bohemian exhuberance?

Whatever, it struck me as hilarious, a bit sad, but telling, even though I'm not sure what it's quite telling. All to say that this is one weird period in understanding how needs, dreams, and resources intersect to create economics.

Jonathan Field


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