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The Other 46%

Barack Obama’s election left me walking on air for three or four days. A Black man in the White House. A massive youth vote. A broad and varied coalition. The break-up of the Solid South. States won in every region: Colorado in the Mountain West; Iowa in the Plains; Florida, North Carolina and Virginia in the South; and outright dominance in the Northeast, Great Lakes Region, and on the West Coast. A true milestone passed. I went to visit my dad the day after the election just to ask him: “Did you expect to live to see this?” “No, Son,... Read more →

Facing Foreclosure

posted by Titus Levi, PhD When the financial crisis boiled over in September, Washington’s wizards of finance made their first bold interventions by bailing out big banks, insurers, and other financial institutions. No wonder: these organizations have much better access to decisions makers; when they cry out for help, they get heard by the right people. Even if Richard Fuld is in the doghouse, you can bet that Hank Paulson will take his calls. People like you and me don’t get the time of day. That may be changing since federal regulators and bailout strategists have begun shifting their attention... Read more →

America's new heavyweight

That's Capital friend, Greg Howard, who is the writer behind two of the greatest sports films ever made (Remember the Titans and Ali) shared with us thoughts on someone who may be this millenium's first champion, a man whose greatness is deeply rooted in history, America's new president. The Greatest Night of My Life— Election Night November 4th 2008 I never thought it would happen—not in my lifetime. Not knowing what I know about America; the history of America. As I sat in that restaurant waiting, watching, there was a sense of dread. So much has gone wrong for us... Read more →