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Circulation Economics*2

Circulation Economics: generating movement in an economy to prevent paralysis. As Mark Taylor told us in Confidence Games, economics... indeed money, itself, is all about a collective agreement around rules of what constitute value. Or even reality. We're in a period when trust has been shattered. Lack of confidence. Things are frozen. Or so we're told. Look at these examples from The New Republic of people who are finding ways to circulate, not despite, but because of today's circumstances. Jonathan Field Read more →

Circulation Economics *1

Me and my co-creator Titus Levi, a media economist, have spent far too long dawdling about focusing on a theory of his called Circulation Economics. As my favorite saying goes, "perfect is the enemy of good enough." All to say, need to accept the blemishes and get the ideas out. Here it is. Circulation is good for an economy. Stasis is bad. Big or small, healthy economies move. Are active. They may have moments of rest, but paralysis is far from rest. What excites me about circulation economics is the way it focuses on people to people connections, helped by... Read more →

College Education as a Gateway to Immigration as a Means to Sustained Economic Growth

Another post from our friend, designer Nathan Felde: These times do call for big, bright ideas. We not only need to repair the damage we have done to our immigration policies and thereby to immigrants, legal and illegal, but we need a renaissance of our nation's concept of immigration. In the larger sweep of our history, immigration, not war, has been the primary fuel for long term sustainable economic growth. With a land mass nearly equal to China and far superior infrastructure we can obviously support twice our current population and there are plenty of people all over the world... Read more →