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Circulation Economics*2

Circulation Economics *1

Me and my co-creator Titus Levi, a media economist, have spent far too long dawdling about focusing on a theory of his called Circulation Economics. As my favorite saying goes, "perfect is the enemy of good enough." All to say, need to accept the blemishes and get the ideas out. Here it is.

Circulation is good for an economy. Stasis is bad. Big or small, healthy economies move. Are active. They may have moments of rest, but paralysis is far from rest.

What excites me about circulation economics is the way it focuses on people to people connections, helped by a range of elements. Technology. Culture. Desire. Here's a great example of circulation economics helped by food and technology. A kimchee taco business in Titus' home city. They don't have a fixed retail location. Instead they use a lunch wagon. And Twitter. A small business creating crowds in the car-focused city of Los Angeles. Go see.

A NYTimes piece here. An NPR story here. Read, listen, if you're nearby, twitter and go eat! Circulate.


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