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What a glorious story

Gmail Down

"Go out and play." That's a headline from the San Francisco Chronicle. I sometimes fantasize about waking up to find the network out and life totally unplugged. Literally and figuratively. This little outage, unable to easily access all my mail, brings the fantasies unhappily to fruition. Oh, not that unhappily. But it does remind you how much of life is networked now.

Haven't posted for months and months. Takes an outage to inspire me. Next time such urges strike, I may not be able to log on. But honestly been seeing an array of things in the news that continues my fascination with "local economies" being the catalyst for the global economy. Or at least the source of innovation. And wanted to write about a range of digital markets that are exciting, as well as the best political film I've seen in years, District 9, which is simultaneously disturbing, funny, and uplifting in very humble ways. Down with digital, up with digital! Onwards.


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