What Do You Speak? Where Are You From? To What Do You Belong?

For my money, the best reality television the past few weeks was on C-SPAN. Namely, coverage of the immigration issues erupting all of a sudden. America's donor free/commercial free network has been much better than other television media in following the surprisingly robust rallies that seemed to erupt spontaneously across the nation. Two weeks ago, 500,000 people marched in Los Angeles. Two weeks later, another 500,000 showed up to march in Dallas. Yesterday hundreds of thousands showed up for rallies in Washington DC, Seattle and New York, slowing down a range of industries depending on low paid labor across the... Read more →

Boomers at Work. Old or Wise?

That's Capital

Human Resource professional Sunny Bates talks with Titus Levi and Jonathan Field about work-place attitudes facing Baby Boomers as they move close to retirement. Stream (click here to play on your computer) Podcast (click here to download to your iPod or another MP3 device) Sunny Bates is the author of How to Earn What You're Worth, and CEO of Sunny Bates Associates. Read more →

Age & Work


That's Capital

That's Capital

PART I Marion Asnes talks about the issues America faces as the Baby-Boomers move into their senior years and face retirement with economist Lawrence Kotlikoff and anthropologist Joel Savishinsky. Stream (click here to play on your computer) Podcast (click here to play on an iPod or another MP3 device) Guests Joel S. Savishinsky (author of Breaking The Watch) is a cultural anthropologist with a strong interest in aging. He is professor of anthropology at Ithaca College. Lawrence J. Kotlikoff (co-author of The Coming Storm) is a professor of economics at Boston University, and former chairman... Read more →