Bits of a Puzzle - Part III

In the last few posts, I’ve been exploring a range of issues around the narratives that drive modern life. The stories we tell ourselves that give meaning to political movements, businesses, or modern social institutions; i.e. nuclear family, liberal arts educations, democracy, etc. Stories which give human beings the confidence to get up in the morning and feel assured that life has some order, whether it’s that they’ll have a job to go to, that they are deserving of certain status among friends, or even simply that when they go to turn on a faucet, water will come out. Underlying... Read more →


by Jonathan Field My office is a room in the back of a boxing gym. I rent there because it’s affordable. It's also never boring. While the gym is noisy at times, I can always tune out any bedlam by closing my door. And if I’m momentarily frustrated or need a break, there’s always a lot of life to follow amid the doings of the gym. This past week I let myself get distracted watching two guys spar. One of them was Amadou, a young guy originally from Senegal whose most noticeable feature is a bright smile. The sport frequently... Read more →

Bill Maurer Talks Money

Guest: Bill Maurer Jonathan Field and Titus Levi talk with UC, Irvine anthropologist Bill Maurer about curating an exhibit about alternative currencies in Southern California, his studies about the way currencies function in different communities, and his latest book, Mutual Life, Limited : Islamic Banking, Alternative Currencies, Lateral Reason Stream (click here to listen on your computer) Podcast (click here to download to an iPod or another MP3 player) My Odeo Channel Read more →

Boomers at Work. Old or Wise?

That's Capital

Human Resource professional Sunny Bates talks with Titus Levi and Jonathan Field about work-place attitudes facing Baby Boomers as they move close to retirement. Stream (click here to play on your computer) Podcast (click here to download to your iPod or another MP3 device) Sunny Bates is the author of How to Earn What You're Worth, and CEO of Sunny Bates Associates. Read more →

Age & Work


That's Capital

That's Capital

PART I Marion Asnes talks about the issues America faces as the Baby-Boomers move into their senior years and face retirement with economist Lawrence Kotlikoff and anthropologist Joel Savishinsky. Stream (click here to play on your computer) Podcast (click here to play on an iPod or another MP3 device) Guests Joel S. Savishinsky (author of Breaking The Watch) is a cultural anthropologist with a strong interest in aging. He is professor of anthropology at Ithaca College. Lawrence J. Kotlikoff (co-author of The Coming Storm) is a professor of economics at Boston University, and former chairman... Read more →